700+ New Jobs to Las Vegas as Companies Expand/Relocate

LAS VEGAS — With the assistance of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA), four companies will expand or relocate to the Las Vegas area and are projected to create 719 total jobs over the next five years. PRA Group, Virtual Guard, Xtreme Manufacturing and Tissue Life were approved for incentives today by the Board of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) on Sept. 19.

Since Jan., the LVGEA has assisted with the expansion and relocation of 24 companies, which are expected to create more than 4,900 jobs throughout Southern Nevada.

PRA Group, Inc. – Projected job creation = 330

PRA Group is looking to expand into a new 25,000 to 30,000 sq. ft. call center facility in Henderson. The company is a global leader in acquiring and collecting non-performing loans. As one of the largest debt buyers in the world with more than 3,800 employees in 12 countries, PRA Group plans to create 330 new high-paying jobs over five years.

The LVGEA assisted PRA Group in the application for tax incentives. The company considered coming to Las Vegas, taking into consideration its business climate, cost of living and the availability of a qualified workforce.

Learn more at pragroup.com.

Virtual Guard, Inc. – Projected job creation = 125

Seeking a business-friendly environment, video monitoring company Virtual Guard is looking to relocate from Los Angeles to the Las Vegas area. The company specializes in providing reliable, effective, high-tech security solutions with the ability to prevent crimes from occurring. This relocation would include an interactive command and control center, as well as the entire headquarters of Virtual Guard, Inc.

A leading developer and integrator of cutting edge technology in the perimeter security sector, the company plans to create 125 jobs in the next five years. The LVGEA assisted Virtual Guard in the application for tax incentives, which was a crucial factor in its consideration to relocate to Nevada.

Learn more at virtualguard.com.

Xtreme Manufacturing, LLC – Projected job creation = 244

Considering consolidating fabrication operations into one location in Henderson, Xtreme Manufacturing’s proposed project consists of the construction of a brand new 79,000 sq. ft. building at the company’s existing campus. Founded in Nevada in 2003 and now offering the largest product line in North America, Xtreme Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment and construction machinery.

The LVGEA assisted Xtreme Manufacturing in the application for tax incentives, which will help to offset the significant investment that the company is looking to make in new equipment and construction. Xtreme Manufacturing projects the creation of nearly 250 new jobs over the next five years.

Learn more at xmfg.com.

Tissue Life, LLC – Projected job creation = 20

With a mission to improve clinical outcomes of patients who suffer from injured, diseased or degenerative orthopedic conditions through musculoskeletal cell and tissue donation, Australian-based Tissue Life is considering opening its first U.S. operation in the Las Vegas area.

The LVGEA assisted Tissue Life in the application for tax incentives, as well as real estate introductions. Specializing in medical manufacturing, the company favored the Las Vegas area due to the business climate, commercial real estate prices and tax environment. It plans to build a biosciences community with help from local academic institutions and business owners, in addition to healthcare providers, insurance carriers and physicians. The LVGEA helped Tissue Life begin introductions with local resources.

Expecting to create 20 high-paying new jobs over five years, Tissue Life designs and delivers high-quality biologic implants that accelerate the body’s natural healing process to restore, repair and/or regenerate the injured area.


Packets for companies who went before the GOED Board can be found on the GOED website here.


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