Est. 2012 circa 1956

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) brand was established in 2012.

The organization’s heritage is forged from a rich history of economic development achievements dating back to 1956, when the Southern Nevada Industrial Foundation was formed. Later rebranded as the Nevada Development Authority, the organization underwent a major transformation when Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval worked with the Legislature to restructure Nevada’s economic development landscape in 2011.

The Southern Nevada business community coalesced around an economic diversification strategy that facilitated the rise of a restructured regional economic development entity. The NDA then became the LVGEA.

Throughout its various iterations, the organization has embodied a mission that wedded diversification and infrastructure planning with the overall goal of facilitating economic growth in Southern Nevada. LVGEA will expand upon its diversification efforts by targeting global opportunities that hold potential to stabilize the region’s economic future.