Public Policy

LVGEA works with legislative leaders to advance policies that spur regional economic development.

LVGEA’s Legislative Priorities

Since LVGEA’s formation in 2013, the organization has been active in several policy areas both inside and outside of the confines of the traditional definition of “economic development.” The LVGEA Board of Directors believes, to truly affect regional economic development, the region must move “as one” on legislative issues important to economic development.

To ensure that the region moved as one on economic development issues, in 2013, the LVGEA formed the Southern Nevada Economic Development Advisory Group (EDAG).  This group, composed of economic development directors from each Southern Nevada municipality, public higher education institution, NV Energy and Southwest Gas has endorsed the legislative priorities listed on the accompanying memorandum related to economic development.

Separate from these efforts, the LVGEA has been a leading voice in a number of issues related to education but outside of the sphere of EDAG. The LVGEA’s efforts have been guided by the organization’s two guiding documents, the Southern Nevada Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and the LVGEA Action Plan.

Public Policy Guiding Principles

1. Robust Economic Development Programs + Services

2. Enhanced + Aligned Education System

3. Effective + Responsive Workforce Development

4. Competitve + Innovative Business Climate

5. Connected Locally, Regionally + Globally