Our Strategy

Our Organizational Goals


» Leverage our region’s value proposition as a great place to live and do business

» Identify areas of focus to increase regional competitiveness

» Synergize efforts with local partners and lead the vision for what our community can become


» Accelerate relocation and enable growth of good-fit companies to the region

» Convene regional economic development directors and teams

» Strategize with developers, builders, and brokers doing the hard work

» Support site selectors and clients with accurate, timely, and relevant info


» Work with partners to address issues affecting regional competitiveness

» Be transparent and accountable to our public and private stakeholders by clearly communicating the return on investment to the community

» Enhance the local brand awareness and trust in LVGEA

» Devlop and share helpful data and research with the local business community

LVGEA Action Plan

The roadmap for Southern Nevada economic development

The Action Plan is the product of an iterative process between the staff of the LVGEA, the LVGEA Strategic Planning Committee, and the LVGEA Board of Directors. The Action Plan was developed to complement Southern Nevada’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), the region’s only U.S. Economic Development Administration-approved strategy for economic development. Collectively, our planning and budget documents are designed to guide LVGEA’s efforts to strengthen and diversify Southern Nevada.

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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The CEDS document includes demographic information, economic analyses, and information on the strategies and tactics that the LVGEA and its regional partners will use to develop new industries and diversify the economy in Southern Nevada. In writing this document, the community came together like never before to support economic development. The LVGEA and its community partners feel confident about the quality of the document and the goals contained within.

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LVGEA Public Policy Guiding Principles

The LVGEA Public Policy Guiding Principles are a reference for policymakers on what matters most to economic development in Southern Nevada. The principles include advanced economic development programs and services, enhanced education and workforce, competitive tax and regulatory environments, efficient and reliable infrastructure, and international opportunities. By working together on these core issues, we can create more high-value jobs and stronger communities; and that is something we can all agree on. LVGEA’s Public Policy Guiding Principles were approved by the Board of Directors in June of 2016.

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Introducing Global Business Leaders to Southern Nevada

As the lead organization for economic development in Southern Nevada, LVGEA is tasked by the State of Nevada to develop a global marketing and outreach plan for the region. LVGEA approaches this effort in several different ways.

Facilitating Familiarization (FAM) Tours

Several times a year, the LVGEA, in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and its municipal economic development partners, facilitates familiarization (FAM) tours of the region for global corporate site selectors. These site selectors are very important to economic development: they advise corporate clients on the region’s operating environment, community, tax structure, and economic development incentives, and they can make or break an economic development deal. By making in-person connections, FAM tours introduce site selectors to the region and develop connections that pay long-term dividends.

Hosting Global Delegations

Las Vegas has a unique advantage when it comes to economic development: people from all over the world travel here for business and pleasure. LVGEA sees this as a business opportunity, so in partnership with the World Affairs Council of Las Vegas and the City of Las Vegas, LVGEA hosts dozens of foreign delegations and cultural groups each year. LVGEA’s economic development staff works with area municipalities to ensure that foreign delegations know of the opportunities for investment in Las Vegas.

Collaborating on Global Outreach

LVGEA, in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and its regional economic development partners, conducts periodic economic development outreach to specific countries to drive foreign investment in Southern Nevada. Since its inception in 2013, LVGEA economic development staff has conducted multiple business outreach missions, including visits to Canada, Mexico, China, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. These missions have yielded dozens of economic development leads and millions of dollars in new capital investment.