Barclaycard expands office in Henderson

Barclaycard Services LLC will add 150 non-customer facing jobs at its Henderson facility.

The financial services company opened its credit card operations center last year. It has since exceeded its goal of hiring 600 Southern Nevadans and already employs 850 people. Following the successful launch of regional operations, the company’s expansion plans include adding 54,000 square-feet with an $8.2 million capital investment at its Henderson campus.

Barclaycard evaluated various locations for the newly created roles in areas such as information-technology, strategy and analytics, project management, workforce planning, and human resources jobs. The company chose Henderson because of the availability of its workforce, business and regulatory environment, real estate availability, operating costs, and state and local incentives.

These higher-paying jobs will build on the base of the credit card operations roles currently in Henderson.

“We’re very excited about the talent and available resources here in this market,” said Marc Heitzman, site director of Barclaycard’s Henderson operations. “The support from the state, Henderson/Las Vegas communities and the LVGEA has been outstanding in helping us achieve our growth objectives.”

The LVGEA has worked with the company since 2013, assisting its executives in the initial customer service center project and in the 150-job expansion. By 2017, the company projects that it will employ up to 1,300 people in Southern Nevada.

“Barclaycard is quickly on its way to becoming one of the region’s largest employers,” said Morgan Bunker, Vice President of Community and Economic Development at the LVGEA. “This expansion is a vote of confidence in our region. Henderson is a great place to do business, and we’re happy to see major global businesses expanding in our market so soon after locating here.”

Barclaycard is the credit card division of Barclays, the major global financial services provider.

In addition to the work of the LVGEA, Brad Mamer, Director of Business Development for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and Barbra Coffee, Director of the Department of Economic Development at the City of Henderson, were both instrumental in assisting Barclaycard’s expansion in the market.


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