Council of Chambers Urges Voters to Support Yes on Question 5

img_3080Southern Nevada’s top business groups announced today their support for the extension of Fuel Revenue Indexing (FRI) through a press conference held at the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA). The announcement comes after a joint resolution was approved by the recently formed, Council of Chambers.

“If we’re going to take our region to the next level, we have to work together,” said Jonas Peterson, President and CEO of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. “We support Fuel Revenue Indexing because we believe it is a common sense way to help build a robust transportation infrastructure in Southern Nevada.”

“Nevada is expected to add half a million people in the next 20 years,” said Peter Guzman, President and CEO of the Latin Chamber of Commerce. “Voting Yes on Question 5 will allow us to fully take advantage of that growth and create thousands of jobs along the way.”

“Today, we’ve gathered to speak with one voice, urging our community to vote Yes on ballot Question 5,” said Ken Evans, President of the Urban Chamber of Commerce. “Question 5 will help us repair aging roads and put in new traffic lights and stop signs, all of which will make our roads safer for drivers, pedestrians, and our kids.”

“When considering the benefit to the entire business community, the pros far exceed the limited tax burden this will have on motorists,” said Sonny Vinuya, President of the Asian Chamber of Commerce. “The Asian Chamber of Commerce urges its membership to vote Yes on ballot Question 5.”

“The Council of Chambers will allow us to broaden our reach and shape conversations, throughout the region,” said Scott Muelrath, President of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. “With another issue that is vitally important to maintain the quality of life throughout our entire region, we urge you to vote Yes on 5.”

“Boulder City, like many communities, is dependent on its infrastructure to support our economy,” said Jill Rowland-Lagan, President of the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce. “As we move forward, working to grow and diversify our economy, the Council of Chambers gives Boulder City a seat at the table.”

“Business in Mesquite is coming back, but we have more work to do,” said Brenda Snell, director of the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce. “The extension of Fuel Revenue Indexing is important to Mesquite.”

The first announcement by the group, the Council of Chambers will meet on a bimonthly basis, sharing information regarding new events, policy matters affecting the business community at large and issues closely tied to economic development. Moving forward, the group plans to become more engaged in fostering regional consensus by working to align their various networks.

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About Council of Chambers
The LVGEA partners with numerous organizations to foster and facilitate economic growth and vitality in Southern Nevada. As an extension of those efforts, the LVGEA convenes a Council of Chambers in order to help increase collaboration and build consensus around high-level priorities affecting the business community in the region. For more information, visit