Cubicall Answers the Call to Aid Doctors and Hospitals

Watch LVGEA’s interview with Cubicall here.


Recently, Cubicall relocated to North Las Vegas from California, moving their custom phone booth manufacturing here. They were thrilled with the opportunities available in our region. And now that COVID-19 has been depleting resources in hospitals, Cubicall is answering the call by transforming their booths into medical isolation pods with features including anti-microbial surfaces.

Our Vice President of Business Retention and Expansion, Perry Ursem, interviewed Cubicall co-founder Nick Pucci about the pivoting efforts. Watch the interview here and continue reading below.


Answering the Call

Cubicall creates private phone booths to be utilized in open-office floor plans, creating privacy in the office. They modular nature of the phone booths translated well into isolation pods for the medical field, the team realized in response to COVID-19. With this idea in mind, Cubicall got in touch with LVGEA, who was able to connect them to the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) to make connections with organizations in need, such as the Nevada Hospital Association.

Now, their program ICUBicall is providing solutions for healthcare workers on the frontline in need of pods for testing, overnight stays, medical exams, and much more. They have three isolation pods: one is for patients to stay overnight in, another is a smaller pod for exams, and the third is a mobile testing booth.


Continued Benefits

The pods successfully isolate patients and allow doctors to perform at their best without the need to clean down a full office environment in between exams, explained Pucci. They did the research to address medical requirements and spoke to doctors around the country to create the best pods possible using their insight.

They have received a lot of interest from cities all over the U.S. to receive the pods. Pucci believes the isolation aspect of the business is a fitting market for the team. With the expertise from partners under their belt, they will continue to manufacture the pods in the future and work with doctors to meet their needs.

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