Energy Infrastructure

Power reliability and affordability are important requirements for businesses of all sizes, and Nevada has proven it can power your business now and into the future. Nevada ranked second for overall utility performance in the 2022 Electric Utility Performance review, a state-by-state data review produced by the Citizens Utility Board of Illinois. The review compares the performance of the nation’s utilities according to three standards of consumer value: affordability, reliability, and environmental responsibility.

By the numbers

NV Energy

NV Energy provides a wide range of energy services to more than 1.5 million customers throughout Nevada. The company employs economic development experts to work directly with business owners, site selectors, and real estate brokers/developers to facilitate business location and expansion in Nevada. NV Energy offers multiple programs to help businesses keep energy costs down, including PowerShift which helps businesses identify energy efficiency opportunities to qualify for incentives.

Southwest Gas

Southwest Gas provides natural gas to homes and businesses across Nevada and is committed to establishing a diverse and stable network of suppliers. For commercial customers, the company offers nine rebate and promotion programs to support the use of efficient and safe equipment. Additionally, Southwest Gas uses various rate mechanisms to insulate customers from the fluctuating market price of natural gas, allowing fewer disruptions to operations and financial planning for business owners.

Nevada’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard

In 2022, 36.7% of NV Energy’s power came from renewable sources, the 13th consecutive year the utility has exceeded the state’s renewable energy requirement, currently at 29%. In Southern Nevada, Nevada Power achieved an even higher Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) of 37.1%, putting NV Energy well on its way to meeting Nevada’s RPS of 50% by 2030. NV Energy’s portfolio consists of 53 large-scale geothermal, solar, solar plus storage, hydro, wind, biomass and supported private solar projects in service and under development.