LVGEA Commends Sandoval on Vision for New Nevada

LAS VEGAS — The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance recognizes the direct impact of education on economic development and commends Gov. Brian Sandoval for advancing a new vision for education and economic development priorities in Nevada.

“I applaud the Governor for his bold leadership in laying out a proposal of how we begin to address our K-12 education crisis in Nevada,” said Tom R Skancke, CEO of the LVGEA., “The Governor‘s courage tonight demonstrates strong leadership to address one of the State’s most critical issues. Now the work begins.”

The LVGEA plans to evaluate the Governor’s proposal on both the policy and revenue side to determine their potential effects on economic development in Southern Nevada. Underlying this analysis is the recognition that education and economic development are inextricably linked.

“Nevada needs an efficient, high performing education system to attract and retain the industries Nevada needs for long term economic sustainability,” Skancke said. “The LVGEA has been working extremely hard this past year through our Education Council to develop thoughtful, research-based strategies to address the need to enhance K-12 education. We are pleased to see the Governor advance funding solutions to address the essential requirements of K-12 education.  Nevada cannot keep saying ‘no’ to solutions.  “No’ cannot be an answer this time.”

In addition to PK-12 investments, the bold vision that the Governor laid out this evening included other investments that will benefit Southern Nevada economic development, including the 9.3M initial investment for the UNLV Medical School, $250M for Project Neon, support for the $2B statewide investment of Switch, and support for the Las Vegas Global Business District, which will continue to make Las Vegas the number one tourism and convention destination in the world.

“I was also pleased to see that the Governor lent his support to several initiatives important to Southern Nevada’s long-term economic development,” said Skancke. “The LVGEA team looks forward to working with the Governor, the Legislature, and other business leaders and organizations throughout the state, to build a New Nevada.”

About Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance is a 501(c)6 membership organization dedicated to growing the economy in Southern Nevada through connectivity, community development, and strong business recruitment, retention and outreach.  LVGEA’s vision is to help Southern Nevada residents thrive in a global economy by fostering a more prosperous, diverse and connected regional economy.  For more information, call 702.791.0000 or visit


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