Local Aviation Companies Expanding Due to New Law

Local aviation companies throughout Southern Nevada announced expansions this summer, spurred on by recently passed legislation designed to help the Nevada’s aerospace industry.

The LVGEA worked with five companies who immediately identified expansion opportunities through the new aviation tax abatement program.

“This is a good example of how public policy can help positively shape Nevada’s business environment for the benefit of local businesses,” said Morgan Bunker, Vice President of Community & Economic Development for the LVGEA. “The 2015 Legislature helped put us on par with our regional competition with this new program. What we’re seeing now is local aviation companies expand operations with high-paying jobs.”

Apex Aviation, Air Methods Corporation, Lone Mountain Aviation, Cashman Equipment, and Unmanned Systems Incorporated are all expanding in Southern Nevada. The companies provide aircraft maintenance, air ambulance operations, helicopter tours and aviation sales at several airports throughout Southern Nevada.

In total the companies are going to be bringing in a capital investment of approximately $14 million. In total the industry will offer about 17 new jobs for aircraft engineering and maintenance.

“There is an opportunity to do maintenance in the state,” said Galen Aswegan, Director, Apex Aviation, noting that passage of AB161 was critical to put Nevada on par with aircraft maintenance companies in other states.

These opportunities are primarily available due to passage of Assembly Bill 161, and Assemblywoman Irene Bustamante Adams, D-Las Vegas, and Wendy Pope, Business Development with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, were especially instrumental in advocating for the bill’s passage and administering the new law.