LVGEA Endorses Gov. Brian Sandoval’s Education Policy Platform

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance announces its support for Gov. Brian Sandoval’s education policy proposals.

The LVGEA Board of Directors voted at a meeting Thursday to endorse Sandoval’s education policy plan because it aligns with the LVGEA’s past engagement in education issues. These past actions stem from the conviction that education, workforce, and economic development are intrinsically linked. As outlined in the recently released executive budget, the governor’s education policy plan largely aligns with policies that the LVGEA has determined will promote accountability and have the highest return on investment for economic development.

“The governor’s plan finds the right mix among choice, accountability, and revenues,” said Tom R. Skancke, CEO of the LVGEA. “Enhancing our education system enhances our economic development system, and we believe the governor’s plan helps create a new Nevada that will be more prosperous, stable, and diverse.”

The LVGEA earlier noted it would study the economic development impact of the governor’s revenue plan to pay for these policies, and the organization is undertaking those efforts now. The governor and Legislature will discuss many revenue options during the 120-day legislative session, and as Southern Nevada’s premier economic development and policy organization, the LVGEA will actively support revenues that drive education reform and accountability and ultimately fund these education policy proposals.

“We encourage the Legislature and governor to generate a revenue plan that is fair and equitable to help move Nevada forward and bolster economic development,” Skancke said. “The LVGEA will evaluate all such proposals through the lens of whether or not they help economic development efforts and build long-term economic sustainability. We look forward to participating in those revenue discussions.”

Read or download a PDF of the LVGEA resolution.