LVGEA Endorses Gov. Sandoval’s Business License Fee Proposal​

LAS VEGAS — The Board of Directors of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance passed a resolution this morning endorsing Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposed Business License Fee model for raising necessary additional revenues for education programs in Nevada.

“We know that high-wage businesses overlook Southern Nevada because we lack a highly educated workforce. The LVGEA recognizes that it is imperative to start at the beginning and both reform our K-12 education system and pay for programs that will create a workforce that will be competitive in the 21st century global economy,” said Ray Specht of Toyota Financial Savings Bank , chairman of the Board of Directors of the LVGEA. “Our board endorsed Gov. Sandoval’s education policies in February with full recognition that it would be incumbent upon us to also endorse a way to pay for these programs..”

To arrive at a decision, the board commissioned and reviewed extensive and well-researched studies specifically on the economic development impact of the Business License Fee proposals and on taxation in Nevada generally. The study (available here) concluded that the proposed Business License Fee will have a negligible negative impact on economic development and diversification efforts in Southern Nevada. The board concluded that Sandoval’s proposal — as outlined in his State of the State address and in subsequent documents — is a sound means to pay for these proposed education programs.

“We recognize the need  to  do better in providing a quality basic education for all Nevadans, and we also agree in principle that all Nevadans, businesses included, must be a part of a Nevada solution to a Nevada problem” said LVGEA CEO Tom R. Skancke. “There is a strategy and path forward to begin to address both funding and accountability for enhanced K-12 education in our State as  presented by Governor Sandoval.  We look forward to working with the Governor and the Legislature as they lead Nevada firmly into the 21st century to realize our State’s place among sustainable, globally competitive regions in the world economy.”

Read the full LVGEA Board of Directors resolution here