LVGEA Statement on XpressWest-China Partnership

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance released the following statement regarding the China Railway International U.S.A. CO., LTD., and XpressWest high-speed rail project announced September 17, 2015:

“This development is very encouraging news not only for the Southern Nevada economy but for the Western regional economy as a whole,” said Jonas Peterson, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance, the regional development authority for Southern Nevada. “This partnership and $100 million investment has the potential to help stimulate economic development, create jobs, advance the region’s tourism sector, and further increase Southern Nevada’s connections to the global economy. Furthermore, the XpressWest and China Railway International partnership increases the likelihood that Southern Nevada will be a business location for manufacturing and assembly of trains and train components. At a time when the United States has fallen behind other peer nations in developing high-speed rail networks, the entrepreneurs at XpressWest and the Marnell Companies should be commended for finding a development partner to move this much-needed project forward. In addition, Gov. Brian Sandoval and the Nevada Legislature also deserve credit for having the foresight to create the Nevada High-Speed Rail Authority and align state laws that will assist the development of high-speed rail in Nevada.”