LVGEA Promotes Peterson to President & Chief EDO

Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance CEO, Tom Skancke, announced today the promotion of Jonas Peterson to President and Chief Economic Development Officer of the organization.

Peterson, the current Chief Operating Officer, will immediately become President and Chief Economic Development Officer, a shift which reflects his role in implementation, operation, and administration of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance’s programs as well as his expertise and leadership in the organization’s core economic development mission.

“Jonas has been with this organization for 18 months, and during that time he has demonstrated leadership skills above and beyond that of a chief operating officer,” Skancke said. “He has earned the confidence of our board of directors and the economic development community as a whole. He has been indispensable to me in matters of budget and program execution, and he is the economic development expert in this community and we are very fortunate to have him and his family here in the region.”

As Peterson begins his duties as President and Chief Economic Development Officer, Skancke will continue his role as CEO and will continue to create the long term vision, strategy and strategic implementation for LVGEA.

Peterson will be featured alongside Steve Hill, Director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, at the Jan. 28 “State of Economic Development” breakfast.

Following the reorganization of the Nevada Development Authority into the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance about two years ago, the organization grew rapidly to create the human and capital resources necessary to achieve the goals laid out in its strategic plan.

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance is now beginning a reorganization that will ensure long-term organizational sustainability and stability, and Peterson’s promotion is the first step in that process.

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