LVGEA announces opposition to ballot initiatives

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) announces its opposition to ballot initiatives designed to repeal K-12 education funding.

The LVGEA Board of Directors voted at a meeting on March 3rd to oppose ballot initiatives that are designed to repeal portions of the broad-based business tax funding for education passed during the 2015 legislative session. The resolution states that if approved, any ballot initiatives that defund education “would have serious, negative impacts on the many education programs that are now ensuring students have full-day kindergarten, career and technical education, classroom technology, and a host of other important services.”

“The LVGEA was a strong and consistent supporter of Governor Brian Sandoval’s education reform package passed during the 2015 legislative session and understands that education is seminal to economic development,” said Glenn Christenson, chair of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance’s Policy Committee. “The Governor’s education reform package and related funding largely aligns with policies that the LVGEA has determined will promote accountability and generate the highest return on investment for economic development in our State. The Board further believes that budgeting for education is best accomplished through a deliberative and comprehensive legislative process.”

Read or download a PDF of the LVGEA resolution.

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