Parker Plastics Locates West Coast Operations in SNV

A Wisconsin plastics manufacturer has chosen North Las Vegas as its site for West Coast operations.

Parker Plastics, Inc. currently has three plants in Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Maryland and picked North Las Vegas for its latest manufacturing and distribution facility, where the company says it will employ 26 people and invest $5.5 million.

The company examined Arizona, California, and Nevada in its site selection search and arrived at North Las Vegas due to favorable comparable operating costs, state incentives, and superior service from Nevada’s economic development community, according to an incentive application the company filed with the State of Nevada.

“One of the key elements of Las Vegas is the shipping (cost),” said Jim Parker, President and CEO of the company, during a meeting of the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development. “It’s an in-bound city so we expect favorable rates outbound to ship to other states.”

Parker also said the company first investigated North Las Vegas because a customer, Chelten House Products, Inc., already has a production line in North Las Vegas and has been very satisfied with the city’s business operating environment.

The company qualified for an incentive package at the January board meeting of the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

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