Las Vegas Operations Center for Pharmacy Benefits Company

ProCare Rx, a pharmacy benefits company, will locate its West Coast operations center in Las Vegas.

Nevada was an attractive option for the company due to its tax structure, the business-friendly environment, and the availability of a workforce that will enable it to expand and prosper.

The pharmacy school at the University of Nevada Las Vegas was a particularly attractive workforce asset, said Jerry Smith, Executive Vice President with ProCare Rx.

The company also chose its Las Vegas location due to its proximity to McCarran International Airport and existing sites for the ground transportation companies FedEx and UPS. This infrastructure connectivity, along with Nevada’s attractive business environment, helped the company select Nevada over Arizona, the other main site the company investigated.

ProCare Rx will make a $1.25 million capital investment and employ 47 people in the operation of its West Coast operations center, which positions in its mail order pharmacy, account management, sales, data, and call center.

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