Rebooting Nevada’s Economic Engine

Few communities fell as fast or as hard as Las Vegas during the Great Recession. Fewer still have been able to successfully restructure their economic development efforts, rise out of the downturn, and quickly chart a new path toward growth and diversification.

This community came together through plans like the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy and capitalized on the revolution Gov. Brian Sandoval created in the Nevada economic development world during and after the 2011 legislative session.

As this community again embarks on reviewing and revamping that CEDS document this December, it’s useful to pause and take a moment to look at the extraordinary strides we’ve made in putting Southern Nevada on the map in the economic development world.

I recently had the pleasure to attend the world’s largest meeting of economic development professionals at the International Economic Development Council conference in Fort Worth. I had dozens of people — site selectors, and economic development professionals across the United States — ask me: What’s going on in Nevada?

They’re asking: How did the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance grow and succeed so fast?

I had the opportunity to answer those questions through the IEDC’s journal in an article that I’d like to share with you.

Yes, Southern Nevada got clobbered during the Great Recession. But we’re bouncing back fast, and I encourage you to check out the attached .PDF article to see the story of how we’re rebooting Nevada’s economic engine:

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