ASTOUND Group’s Innovation for National Community Solutions

By Mariya Zlateva

Watch LVGEA’s interview with ASTOUND Group here.


The ASTOUND Group is an award-winning design and fabrication company specializing in delivering state of the art exhibits and events around the world. Beginning their journey in 2001, this year marks their 20th anniversary. Throughout their time they have worked with companies like Nike, Google, and more, focusing on architectural fabrications, digital work, retail environment, fan experience, brand activations, and tradeshows. “We are all about helping brands tell their story,” said Western Development President of ASTOUND Shana Carr.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the ASTOUND Group listened to their community and quickly shifted gears. They were one of the first companies to begin producing containment solutions and safety barriers for businesses, companies, and government entities. Perry Ursem, LVGEA Vice President of Business Retention and Expansion, interviewed ASTOUND Group about these efforts. Watch the video here.


Shifting Gears

They described the transition from tradeshows to containment centers as a natural because a big part of what they do is listening to what the needs of their clients are and how to fulfill that.

Fabrication being an integral part of what the ASTOUND Group does meant it was a simple change from creating showrooms to creating temporary hospitals and assessment centers. “We already had this technology and mindset for building temporary rooms,” said Carr. Furthermore, Carr said the changes reflect their companies’ values of, “Think big, build love, and give back.”


Moving Forward

VP of Client Solutions Andrew Pittam said, “Specific to Vegas we are excited to see how the trade show industry comes back online and we are doing a lot of work and planning on how to make that open and making that as safe as possible.” He described such plans as sanitization stations specific to booths, masks and gloves being provided, and easier to clean surfaces being used instead. Lastly, Pittam said the situation is “continuously evolving” and that “it’s important they stay ahead of the curb.” With companies like the ASTOUND Group using their resources and skillset to provide new solutions for the community there is much to look forward to.


Read more about LVGEA’s work with ASTOUND Group here.

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