Vegas: Living Here, You Can.

Live, Work, Grow, Play, Engage

Las Vegas is known for a lot of things: It’s one of the top five most-visited cities in America.¹ It’s the Entertainment Capital of the World.² And it’s probably got more celeb chefs per capita than anywhere else in the world.*

As it continues to top national rankings of quality of life, job creation and population growth, Greater Las Vegas is becoming a major relocation destination. It’s got everything you need and most of what you want too: no income tax, low cost of living, affordable homes, a diverse workforce and jaw-dropping desert views. More and more people are calling this vacation destination home all year long. Moving to Las Vegas isn’t just a possibility: it’s a great place for anyone to live, work, grow, engage and play.

Here are some of the reasons why.



More than 2 million people call this world-class city home. It’s among the most affordable cities to live, boasts some of the best traffic conditions, and has a famously radiant and reliable climate. With an incredible foodie scene, expanding arts district, performing arts theater and your pick of outdoor recreation, there’s no shortage of things to do. 



Southern Nevada is number one in the nation for job creation and population growth. As the second-most-tax-friendly state in the country, it’s a great place to do business. Companies can afford to grow while employees get to relocate to year-round sunshine, 24-hour entertainment and wallet-friendly homes. 



Las Vegas boasts a business climate that enables companies to expand and invest back into employees. Business owners can enjoy a favorable environment of low taxation and regulation, while employees can enjoy personal growth enabled by affordable homes and low cost of living.



This is a community that cares. Greater Las Vegas offers some incredible non-profits with opportunities to give back. Two of the region’s favorite charities are Three Square Food Bank, which leads the largest after-school feeding program in the nation, and Opportunity Village, which services residents with significant intellectual disabilities. Many businesses and indivdiuals around the Valley link up with these charities and more to serve. 



It’s the Entertainment Capital of the World for good reason. In fact, with the historic NHL Vegas Golden Knights and arrival of the NFL Raiders, it’s quickly becoming the Sports and Entertainment Capital of the World. Residents get a front-row seat to entertainment that tourists travel the world over to see: it has everything from high-octane stage shows to headline-making sports teams to A-list concerts. 


Here, you can do anything. 


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Us – but let’s be real, it has to be true.


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