Water Company Locates Facility in Southern Nevada

Premium Waters, Inc. plans to locate a bottling and distribution facility in Southern Nevada.

The Minneapolis, MN-based company intends to use the facility as a base for distribution west of the Rocky Mountains. The company chose Nevada based on its proximate location to western markets and its operating environment. Arizona was also considered, but Nevada tax abatement programs “were significant factors” in choosing Nevada, according to the company’s state abatement application.

“Premium Waters is among a growing number of light manufacturers locating in the Las Vegas region and taking advantage of the region’s logistical connections to major markets in the U.S. West,” said Morgan Bunker, vice president of community and economic development at the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. “We congratulate them on their location decision and look forward to the opening of their new facility.”

The company plans to hire 29 employees as well as invest $10.7 million in equipment.

Premium Waters, Inc. also has facilities in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, and Georgia.

The LVGEA, along with the City of North Las Vegas, assisted Premium Waters with locating in Southern Nevada.

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