LVGEA Engages with 2023 Nevada Legislative Session

LVGEA will be posting regular updates in this space about the organization’s efforts during the 2023 legislative session, so be sure to check back for more information on the bills we’re tracking and supporting.

Monday, May 22 Update:

Last week was a busy one in Carson City with the 2nd committee passage deadline falling on Friday and the 2nd house passage deadline quickly approaching Friday, May 26. And, although there has been much activity to move proposals through the building, there is still a lot of work to be done. The countdown to sine die begins.

Highlights from last week:

AB261 Revises provisions relating to water.

AB261 would require the state plan for economic development to include a statement regarding the efficient use of water resources, and require a plan be submitted by regional development authorities outlining water conservation strategies relating to economic development. Over the last year, LVGEA has worked together with SNWA to investigate ways in which resources can be addressed through economic development processes with the intent to also explore incentive recommendations in which our region can enhance economic competitiveness as a result. LVGEA testified in support.

AB481 Makes an appropriation to the Account for the Nevada Main Street Program.

AB481 affords rural areas of the Greater Vegas region to invest in revitalization efforts that are tied to economic development. LVGEA testified in support of AB481 to support business creation with the intention to fortify regional rural economies.

AB490 Authorizes the establishment of academic medical districts.

The proposal would allow for the creation of an academic medical district in a contiguous area that would be governed by a board of directors. The district would include the creation of a tax increment area and allow for the issuance of bonds and other securities for certain healthcare-related development projects within the district. LVGEA testified in support of AB490 during its initial bill hearing.

SB181 Revises provisions relating to economic development.

SB181 would increase the incentive threshold by which the GOED executive director can approve legislated, performance-based tax abatement applications to streamline the timeframe in which micro-sized incentive projects are made in Nevada. This week, the bill received a favorable Second House floor vote and the bill now moves to the Governor’s desk for consideration of signing into law. LVGEA is in support of this bipartisan bill, which is being led by Senator Julie Pazina.

SB429 Requires certain new or expanding businesses to provide certain family and medical leave to employees in order to qualify for a partial abatement of certain taxes.

Last week, SB429 received a work session hearing in Assembly Revenue. The proposal received a “do pass,” with “nays” from all republican committee representatives. SB429 is a narrowly tailored bill that would require only those businesses approved for Nevada performance-based tax abatements and who employ 50 or more persons to also provide paid FMLA on-top of Nevada’s existing paid leave measures. [NRS 608.0197] LVGEA testified in opposition and is tracking this proposal.

SB496 Revises provisions relating to the film industry.

SB496 proposes to gradually expand Nevada’s existing film tax program from $10 million in annual credits to $190 million per year for more than two decades, with the amount of credits adjusted annually beginning in 2031 based at the rate of inflation. LVGEA believes investing in opportunities that spur growth in the creative and sports industry space, among others, is a sector of business in which the Greater Vegas region is uniquely qualified to benefit. While the proposal presented two studio sites for investment, LVGEA is location agnostic. Because economic impact data was not being presented in advance of the hearing to evaluate, LVGEA testified as neutral.

For real-time status of bills, visit Nevada’s legislative website: NELIS

Monday, May 8 Update:

Legislature Heads Into Final Month of the 2023 Session

With just one month left in the 2023 legislative session, things continue to change, and the status of bills remain fluid, as the legislature nears adjournment on June 6. LVGEA’s policy committee remains dedicated to engaging with state lawmakers on legislation impacting economic development. We’d like to update you on a few bills of note:

SB394, which would require all legislated, performance-based tax abatement applications above $500,000 to be approved by the legislature, versus the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). LVGEA President & CEO Tina Quigley and LVGEA Policy Committee Chair Glenn Christensen both traveled to Carson City to testify in opposition of the bill during a May 4 Assembly Revenue Committee hearing. LVGEA Policy Committee Chair Glenn Christensen, Board Chair Clark Wood, Former Board Chair Betsy Fretwell, GOED, the Governor’s office, Nevada System of Higher Education, area chambers of commerce, and trade associations  testified against the bill noting it would hurt our state’s ability to stay economically competitive with other states that offer incentives. No vote was taken on the bill.

SB181, would increase the incentive threshold by which the GOED executive director can approve legislated, performance-based tax abatement applications to streamline the timeframe in which micro-sized incentive projects are made in Nevada. The bill received a hearing in the Assembly Revenue Committee last week, with no action taken.

SB431, sponsored by Governor Lombardo, is an omnibus proposal modifying various parts of state government. Specifically, LVGEA is supporting the consideration of a “Nevada Way” account that would provide a “deal closing” fund, which would assist Nevada in becoming more economically competitive with other Southwestern U.S. states.


Monday, April 10 Update:

LVGEA continues advocacy work as April 14 first committee passage deadline approaches

LVGEA’s policy committee continues its engagement throughout the 2023 Legislative Session and is now actively tracking more than 65 posted bills this cycle. Bills of note, over the last two weeks, include:

AB433, which revises certain fees collected by the Secretary of State. Sponsored by the Secretary himself, the bill works to provide greater financial flexibility to start-ups and entrepreneurs in Nevada.

SB181, which revises provisions relating to economic development. Sponsored by Senator Julie Pazina with the support of LVGEA and GOED, this bill works to increase the incentive threshold by which the GOED executive director can approve incentive applications, as to streamline the timeframe in which smaller incentive projects and investments are made in Nevada. SB181 received a work session hearing last week and received a “do pass” without amendments and will proceed to the Assembly for further conversation.

SB226, which revises provisions governing public works. The bill could impact economic development activities in Nevada.

SB281, which revises provisions governing natural gas. The proposal could ensure that a variety of energy options, like natural gas, are afforded to Nevada businesses and could afford businesses certainty of those options that are available for future development to support our community’s growth, which is essential for economic development.

SB431, which revises provisions relating to governmental administration. Sponsored by Governor Lombardo, this bill works as an omnibus proposal modifying various part of state government. LVGEA is particularly interested in enhancing workforce resources as well as consideration for a “Nevada Way” account, which could work to increase Nevada’s economic competitiveness as Nevada is the only state in the Southwestern U.S. that currently does not offer some type of “deal closing” fund or options alike.

To track, read and engage with the legislature, click here.


Monday, March 27 Update:

LVGEA, GOED and Senator Pazina bipartisan bill to reduce project application wait times

Earlier in March, Nevada Senator Julie Pazina (D) alongside LVGEA and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) presented Senate Bill 181, which seeks to streamline the approval processing timeline for business and industries being considered for state legislative performance-based tax abatements under a proposed $500,000 tax abatement total amount threshold. Click to watch the committee hearing and to track the bill on NELIS.


LVGEA’s Tina Quigley testifying in support of SB181, which seeks to streamline the state tax abatement process

LVGEA engaged in bill conversations as session prepares for bill deadline

Thanks to the guidance of the LVGEA’s policy committee, the LVGEA has continued to play an active role in legislative conversations that directly impact the state and region’s economic competitiveness. The organization is actively tracking and engaged in more the 50 bills so far this session, is working to support state economic development bills, working with Senate lawmakers on SB181, and more. The committee anticipates another 200-plus bills to post within the coming week along with most legislative leadership bills posting thereafter in which they’ll weigh-in on and act as needed.

LVGEA’s Amber Stidham, testifying in support of SB273, which seeks to change the name of Nevada State College to Nevada State University



Original Post (March 13, 2023): LVGEA delegation talks economic development with state lawmakers

Creating and sustaining growth, increasing quality employment opportunities, and improving the quality of life through economic development were at the forefront of discussion last week when LVGEA’s policy delegation visited lawmakers in Carson City, Nev.

Led by LVGEA’s policy committee chair, Glenn Christenson of Vestland Investment, the group met with various state representatives to discuss southern Nevada’s opportunities and challenges in bringing diverse projects and career opportunities to the region, as well as highlighted a bill the organization is working together with Nevada Senator Julie Pazina on that could afford smaller projects to enter the Nevada marketplace more quickly, outlined in Senate Bill 181.

The one-day trip was also attended by Lauri Perdue of University of Phoenix, Betsy Fretwell of The Fretwell Company, Michael Cunningham of Bank of Nevada, Bryant Thornton of Republic Services, Shani Coleman of Clark County, Tina Quigley and Amber Stidham of LVGEA, as well as LVGEA’s contract lobby group leads from Carrara Nevada, Connor Cain and Ashley Cruz. The meeting schedule included: Sect. of State Cisco Aguilar, Treasurer Zach Conine, Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, Senator Carrie Buck, Senator Fabian Donate, Asm. Daniele Monroe-Moreno, Asm. PK O’Neill, Asm. Shea Backus, Asm. Max Carter, Asm. Duy Nguyen, Asm. Bert Gurr as well as Governor Lombardo’s chief of staff, Ben Kieckhefer.

The LVGEA’s policy committee, which is comprised of various LVGEA50 board members, meets regularly during the session to review, discuss and work on pieces of legislation that directly tie to the region’s economic competitiveness.

LVGEA staff and policy committee members attending LVGEA’s Legislative Day in Carson City on March 7, 2023

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