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#1 State for Job Growth in the U.S.

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Located in the top state to do business within the Western U.S., Greater Vegas is home to 2.3 million people, 1,123,582 workers and 56,000 employer business. The region routinely ranks at or near the nation’s highest in growth and investment and is currently experiencing population growth at three times the national average. While tourism remains the region’s largest industry, it is far from its only industry. Over 10,000 businesses and more than 180,000 jobs have been created in Clark County since 2011.

Industry Sectors

The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance focuses on targeting industries that provide the most growth potential and help diversify the economy of Southern Nevada. Economic diversification enhances regional competitiveness in the global economy, while also helping attract and retain a talent pool that will further develop the region.

Southern Nevada’s strong connections to the Mountain West and major population centers throughout the western United States make it a strong contender for manufacturing firms. In particular, SRI identified two main components of manufacturing that Southern Nevada should monitor and pursue:

• General Manufacturing

• Advanced Manufacturing

Business & Financial Services has been a consistent engine for growth in Southern Nevada, as evidenced by Figure 4 below. SRI identified three component industries for Business & Financial Services:

• Management & Professional Services

• Business Administration

• Financial Services

Southern Nevada has long been a destination for those working in Creative Industries. While the gaming, tourism, and hospitality industries were the historical “pull” factors that attracted creative workers, Southern Nevada has established itself as a hub for creative talent beyond the Strip. This has led to the emergence of different classes of creative workers, which SRI identified as:

• Creative Professional Services

• Media Production

• Media Broadcasting & Distribution

• Entertainers & Supporting Services

Though rapidly growing across the United States, Clean Technologies remains a loosely defined industry. However, as more states and regions seek to increase the share of clean energy in their energy generation capacity, more concrete definitions of the Clean Technologies industry have begun emerging. In Southern Nevada, four component industries of Clean Technologies were identified:

• Clean Energy Generation

• Distribution & Wholesale

• Engineering & Support

• HVAC & Plumbing Contractors

Transportation & Logistics Technologies remains an industry in flux due not only to the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the rapid introduction of new and advanced technologies to the workplace. Considering the increasing technical knowledge required for employment in this industry, SRI identified four component industries for Transportation & Logistics Technologies:

• Distribution & Warehousing

• Transportation Support

• Passenger Services

• Production of Unmanned Autonomous Systems

Similar to Transportation & Logistics Technologies, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) has performed strongly in Southern Nevada over the last decade. In Southern Nevada, this industry is comprised of two primary component industries:

• ICT Professional Services

• Cybersecurity

Southern Nevada has long been characterized by an underdeveloped healthcare sector that did not sufficiently meet the needs of the local population. However, the region has made significant strides in growing this industry over the last decade, adding more than 23,000 jobs across four component industries:

• General & Specialist Healthcare Services

• Hospitals

• Care Facilities

• Healthcare Technologies & Research

A Globally Connected Business Location

Las Vegas is one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations. Because of this, Las Vegas is one of the most globally connected cities in the United States.

Infrastructure & Connectivity

1st in the Nation for Solar Energy Capacity

Las Vegas Recycles 99% of its Indoor Water Supply

Within a Five-hour Drive of 9% of the U.S. Population

7,453 Miles of Fiber Optic Cable in the Region

Operating Cost

Location Comparisons

Nevada’s Tax Structure

The Southern Nevada Business Advantage

The low-tax climate in Southern Nevada is one of the most-cited reasons to do business in Nevada. Companies doing business in Nevada can save millions of dollars by having a long-term presence in the state.

The LVGEA maintains an operating cost comparison database and can tell you how operating costs for your business or businesses in a similar industry compare to other U.S. metropolitan regions. Contact our team to run a free operating cost comparison.


Nevada has...

NO personal income tax

NO franchise tax

NO unitary tax

NO inventory tax

NO inheritance tax

NO estate tax

Major Industrial Parks

Southern Nevada’s real estate market includes dozens of premier office and industrial sites. The LVGEA and your local real estate partner can help find the right site for you. The map on the left offers a broad overview of the jurisdictions in the marketplace and some of the region’s largest office and industrial parks.