Arvato Supply Chain Solutions Opens New Logistics Hub in North Las Vegas

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions recently cut the ribbon on the company’s new 464,000 square foot logistics hub in North Las Vegas, their first location in the Greater Vegas region. The global services company handles the logistics for supplying data centers across the U.S., including warehousing, packing and unpacking components, order picking and distribution, along with inventory management and rack and stack assembly.

Arvato says they chose North Las Vegas for the company’s expansion because it provides a strategic location for one of their large global clients. The city also provides the infrastructure and foundation to grow with existing clients as well as potential new clients.

“The overall process to expand into North Las Vegas was a success,” said Gene Stephenson, Director of Operations at Arvato. “In today’s global environment, lead times are a major item to watch closely, and they did have an impact on the project, but we were able to overcome any major disruptions to the project.”

During the expansion project, Arvato looked for a partner to support their business and was connected with the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance. The organization provided guidance to Arvato leadership, assisted the company with making connections in the region, and provided connections to workforce training resources.

“LVGEA and the teams that supported Arvato to join the LVGEA, was beneficial in making the expansion process seamless and smooth,” said Edward Simmons, Senior Business Development Manager at Arvato.

City of North Las Vegas officials also attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony to welcome the new company to town.

“We know Arvato is going to provide new jobs for North Las Vegas residents,” said Mayor Pro Tem Scott Black. “I recently attended a homeless count census, and as I talked with some of the individuals and asked them how they ended up in homelessness, a lot of them said economic issues and job loss.”

Both the city and the company say they look forward to a long-term partnership of growth in the region.

“As we navigate forward in building our global presence in the Las Vegas region, we feel like we have the right tools to build lasting relationships with local organizations,” said Michael Konopka, Vice President of Accounts (Tech) at Arvato. “We thank everyone for your assistance and look forward to a continued relationship.”



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