Data Runs the Planet But It Should Not Ruin the Planet

Guest Column provided by Switch

Switch is the independent leader in exascale data center ecosystems, edge data center designs, industry-leading telecommunications solutions, and next-generation technology innovation.

Guided by the vision of Founder and CEO Rob Roy, Switch works to ensure the sustainable growth of the internet, the delivery of sustainable resources to power our facilities and the transfer of our green benefits to our clients and the greater community.

Data runs the planet and together, we can ensure that it does not ruin the planet. Our mission is to build a greener community through world-class innovation and a sustainably-built infrastructure.

Similar to the like-minded businesses that are part of the LVGEA, Switch believes in the smart and sustainable growth of our business, the optimization of our limited natural resources (namely water and energy), and the growth and diversification of our local economy.

We strive to achieve our ongoing sustainability initiatives including:

  • The development and implementation of water conservation strategy and leadership in 100% recycled water projects
  • The continued procurement of 100% renewable energy with new, local and clean dedicated solar and wind projects
  • Maintaining net zero carbon emissions
  • Advocating for sustainability and leading through action

Are you looking for a green technology partner to sustainably power your IT infrastructure? Reduce your carbon footprint and save money by colocating at Switch. Let us help you achieve your corporate ESG and sustainability goals.


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