Economic Development and Diversification Relies on Access to Reliable, Affordable and Sustainable Energy Sources

Written and submitted by Karen Haller, President & CEO, Southwest Gas Holdings, Inc.

Nevada’s opportunity to continue expanding economic development and diversify our economy relies on access to a diverse suite of reliable, affordable, and sustainable, energy sources and infrastructure. Our state will be a top choice for companies choosing to relocate, if utilities, governmental agencies and interest groups collaborate to ensure we balance growth demands with the associated environmental impacts.

Energy is top of mind for businesses and industries when it comes to selecting a location, and Nevada is uniquely situated in a favorable energy ecosystem. The Desert Southwest provides low carbon energy and geological resources, dedicated water sustainability initiatives, strategic access to critical transportation routes, and pre-existing energy infrastructure and pipelines for integration with other renewables. Our community is positioned to address the energy needs of tomorrow.

Southwest Gas is an industry leader in the integration of innovative energy solutions, offering a bridge to the greater availability of renewable energy options as technology matures and opportunity for innovation and development increases. With reliable energy infrastructure and diverse energy sources – including access to safe, reliable, affordable, and sustainable natural gas – Nevada’s ability to attract employers and grow its economy is greatly improved.

Natural gas has a tremendous track record of balancing competing interests of increasing quality of life, energy affordability, and energy reliability. Existing gas infrastructure in which we have invested plays a critical role in delivering future renewable fuels, diversifying our economy’s energy portfolio, and reducing economy-wide emissions. As a Company, we have a long-term vision to ensure a sustainable future for our communities. This requires a willingness to have honest conversations with all stakeholders about what it will take to get us there. Support around energy diversity and energy efficiency is key to realizing robust, sustainable outcomes – for customers, businesses, our economy, and the environment.

As a Company, we have witnessed our cities’ growth and development over the past 70 years, and Southwest Gas is committed to pursuing equitable and sustainable energy solutions that protect our valuable resources and build on the significant growth potential our communities have already realized.  Las Vegas remains among the fastest growing cities in the country – with demand for natural gas service remaining high for home builders, and small and large businesses depending on this foundational fuel source.  Our economy will require the deployment of various energy sources, including natural gas, to optimize home and building design, operations, transportation, industry, tourism and hospitality to support economic pathways and quality of life in our communities.

Southwest Gas is excited to fuel a sustainable energy future with safe, affordable, and reliable natural gas. I am honored to lead a Company whose employees are among the best and brightest innovators, who are safety-focused, and committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations. We live and work in the communities we serve and pledge to make the places our customers, business partners, and employees call home stronger and more sustainable. Every day I am heartened to work alongside our professional teams as they provide safe and reliable energy for life’s essentials, and pave the way for a balanced, diverse, and resilient energy future that uplifts our communities while fueling economic growth.

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