Boulder City






2,400 ft.

Square Miles


Mission: Preserving our past.... Managing our future

Quick Facts

Employees: 150 FT/ 150 PT

Services ProvidedCity municipal services and City-owned utility services (electric, water, sewer, garbage)


City Leadership

Rod Woodbury, Mayor

Warren Harhay, Councilman

Peggy Leavitt, Councilwoman

Kiernan McManus, Councilman

Rich Shuman, Councilman

Alfonso Noyola, City Manager

Originally a town built for workers on the Hoover Dam, Boulder City, holds a special place in the hearts of Southern Nevada natives. Unlike many other Southern Nevada communities, Boulder City, employs a managed-growth ordinance that has preserved its small-town feel. Known for its historical attractions and recreational opportunities, Boulder City, draws nearly 100,000 visitors each year to its art festivals and outdoor events.

Tourism and exciting recreation opportunities are not all that define Boulder City. The community is located along the newly constructed Interstate 11, connecting Phoenix to Las Vegas, and has one of the largest concentrations of solar energy facilities in the country. Predominately served by hydro and solar electronic power that provides low utility rates and green energy to its customers.