Clark County




1.02 Million


Total Budget

$10.3 Billion

Square Miles


With jurisdiction over the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and covering an area the size of New Jersey, Clark County, is the nation’s 11th-largest county. Clark County's population accounts for 73% of the state of Nevada.

Clark County employs more than 9,100 people over 38 departments. The County is known for its strong ending-fund balance, overall financial strength, and an investment-quality credit rating. In the past year, Clark County has seen more than $315 million in new investments, creating over 720 new jobs. Clark County is governed by a seven-member County Commission, elected from geographic districts on a partisan basis for staggered four-year terms. Commissioners biennially elect a chairperson who serves as the Commission’s presiding officer. The Commission, in turn, hires a county manager who is responsible for administrative operations. Clark County, formed in 1909, is named for Sen. William Andrews Clark, who established the railroad that linked Los Angeles with Salt Lake City.

Quick Facts

Mission: To provide responsible, progressive, and results-oriented government that is responsive, accessible, and accountable to our citizens, ensuring their right to cost-effective and open government.

Employees: 9,150


County Leadership

James B. Gibson, Commissioner Chairman

Justin Jones, Vice Chairman

Michael Naft, Commissioner

Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Commissioner

Ross Miller, Commissioner

William McCurdy II, Commissioner

Tick Segerblom, Commissioner

Kevin Schiller, County Manager

Economic Development

The Office of Community and Economic Development (OCED) is the primary resource for new, established, and prospective businesses interested in investing, expanding, or relocating to Clark County, Nevada. With a dedicated team of experts, OCED provides businesses and developers with the answers, tools, and resources needed to start a new project or expand an existing business. Home to approximately 1 million residents, Clark County covers roughly 7,442 square miles and is the 14th-largest county in the nation. Committed to enhancing and supporting the economic viability of the unincorporated areas of Clark County and advancing inclusive, sustainable growth, OCED is building awareness of the economic opportunities and “bright beyond the lights” of Las Vegas.

Clark County provides extensive regional services to 2.3 million citizens and an average of more than 45 million visitors a year. Included are the nation's 7th busiest airport, air quality compliance, social services, and Nevada’s largest public hospital, University Medical Center. The County also provides municipal services that are traditionally provided by cities to 1 million residents in the unincorporated areas including fire protection, roads and other public works, parks and recreation, and planning and development.

The famed Las Vegas Strip sits at the heart of Clark County featuring unparalleled attractions like dancing fountains, a replica of the renowned Eiffel Tower, an erupting volcano and some of the world's largest and most beautiful resorts. Millions of people visit annually to enjoy our fine restaurants, shop a dazzling array of stores and relax at our luxurious spas. Las Vegas boasts more than 147,000 hotel rooms and is among the world's top convention destinations.

Companies that call Clark County Home