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Established in 1956, Clark County School District is the fifth-largest school district in the country, educating almost 75 percent of all students in Nevada with more than 304,276 students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade. The district encompasses 372 schools and approximately 8,000 square miles in southern Nevada and is a minority majority student district. With more than 40,000 employees, CCSD is also the largest employer in the state.

CCSD is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of seven members who represent different geographic regions within the county. The mission of the board is to ensure “all students progress in school and graduate prepared to succeed and contribute in a global diverse society.” The district offers nationally recognized Magnet Schools and Career & Technical Academies as well as an online secondary school (Nevada Learning Academy) and several International Baccalaureate programs available to elementary, middle and high school students.

Services offered by the district also include a school police department, adult education courses, special education, and partnerships with higher education institutions and community organizations such as Vegas PBS and the Public Education Foundation. As the largest school district in Nevada, CCSD plays a pivotal role in ensuring the future success, growth and advancement of the state.


Superintendent: Dr. Jesus F. Jara

Board of Trustees:

District A: Lisa Guzmán

District B: Katie Williams

District C: Evelyn Garcia Morales

District D: Brenda Zamora

District E: Lola Brooks

District F: Irene Bustamante Adams

District G: Linda P. Cavazos


MAGNET SCHOOLS, CTAs & Select Schools


Magnet, CTA, and Select Schools


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Magnet Schools and Career & Technical Academies

In 1993, Mabel Hoggard, Clark High School, and the Las Vegas Academy were the first magnet programs to open in the Las Vegas Valley. Because of the tremendous success of our magnet programs, the demand has greatly exceeded the available seats for students. Since 2014, CCSD has added even more magnet schools and programs to provide more choice and access for the students of CCSD. There are currently 43 Magnet, CTA, and select school campuses including:

34 Magnet Schools (10 elementary schools, 13 middle schools, 1 K-8 school, and 10 high schools)

7 Career and Technical Academies (high school)

1 Central Technical Training Academy (non-traditional high school)

1 Nevada Learning Academy at CCSD (Online School Grades 6-12)

Select Schools

Five CCSD Select Schools provide families with additional school choice options: Bonanza High School, Chaparral High School, Mojave High School, Silverado High School and Western High School.

Select Schools offer outstanding Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs of study, Advanced Placement courses, and other specialized programs. Many offer industry certification for students who complete the entire course of study, ensuring that all students have access to rigorous, blended college-preparatory and career-oriented programs that lead to marketable skills for the 21st Century.

Examples of programs offered:


Architectural Design


Biomedical Sciences

Business Management

Community Health Science

Computer Science



Fashion Design


Hospitality & Tourism

Global Communication

International Studies

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Leadership and Law


Performing Arts



Radio Production

Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Video Game Technology

Video Production

Charter Schools


Public Charter Schools in Clark County


Distance Education Schools


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Charter schools in Nevada are public schools funded by the state. Charter schools are set up by a committee with the desire to provide an educational situation that better meets the needs of some students.

All charter schools are independent public schools of choice, meaning parents can choose to enroll their children. Charter Schools are quasi-part by CCSD but independent, meaning they operate free from many regulations that are imposed upon district schools. They are free to approach education with innovative curriculum but are ultimately bound to the accountability of academic results and increasing student achievement. Moreover, charter schools are generally mission-focused schools ranging from project-based, science and technology, distance education, career/vocational, dual credit college courses, etc.

Because charter schools are public schools, supported with tax dollars, they must be open to all students. If there are more applicants than seats, charters are to conduct a lottery, or some other non-discriminatory selection process, to ensure that all interested students have an equal opportunity to attend the charter. If space is available, students residing in other Nevada counties may attend a charter school located in Clark County. Each charter school has its own enrollment procedures and time of enrollment. Contact individual schools you are interested in for paperwork and times students can be enrolled.

Delta Academy and Odyssey are the CCSD sponsored distance education charter schools. The SPCSA sponsored distance education charter schools are Beacon Academy of Nevada, Nevada Connections Academy, Nevada Virtual Academy, and Leadership Academy. Nevada Learning Academy is CCSD’s distance education school.

The Charter School Association of Nevada provides information on each of the sponsored charter schools in Nevada. Sponsorship varies from school district sponsored charter schools to state sponsored charter schools.

In 2012, the State Public Charter School Authority was created and their staff began to adopt quality standards for authorizing charter schools in Nevada. Concurrently, the Authority adopted a performance framework to raise the level of quality charter schools being sponsored in the state of Nevada. The framework and quality authorizing came from the recommendations posted by the National Association of Charter School Authorizers.

Private Schools

77 Private Schools in Las Vegas

Bishop Gorman High School, The Meadows School, The Adelson Educational Campus, Calvary Chapel Christian School and Lake Mead Christian Academy are just some of the private schools offered to K-12 students in the Las Vegas area. These institutions are classified as either Private Exempt Schools (connected to a church or ministry, a government agency or a fraternal/benevolent entity) or Private Schools (sponsored by a business entity or sole proprietor).

2022-23 Private School Directory

Serving More than 17,632 Students

All private schools are licensed by the Nevada Department of Education and are required to provide: at least the curriculum required of our public schools, 180 days of instruction and the same number of minutes of instruction per day that is required of public schools. While some schools offer tuition assistance, parents who enroll their children in private schools agree to pay tuition and fees the school requires.

2022-23 Nevada Private School Enrollment Data

Nevada School Choice

School choice allows public education funds to follow students to the schools or services that best fit their needs—whether that’s to a public school, private school, charter school, home school or any other learning environment parents choose for their kids. Nevada has two educational programs available.

Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program

Nevada’s Educational Choice Scholarship program was enacted and launched in 2015. The tax-credit scholarship program allows corporations to claim a 100 percent tax credit when they contribute to approved scholarship-granting organizations (SGOs). The SGOs then provide private school scholarships to families who meet the income requirements. Learn more about the program’s funding, eligibility, and regulations on this page.

A list of registered scholarship-granting organizations an be found here.