LVGEA supports businesses looking to expand or relocate to the Greater Vegas region with a variety of services depending on the business needs. As the state-sanctioned regional economic development authority and a community-supported nonprofit, we offer our economic development services free of charge. Schedule a consultation with the team today.

Industry, Occupation, & Operation Cost Data Comparisons

LVGEA provides custom research to help new and expanding businesses with understanding Southern Nevada’s operational landscape. Reporting examples include regional industry and occupation comparisons, as well as skills transferability intelligence. Utilize LVGEA’s Data Portal to see how the region is trending and compare our market to others around the US.

Workforce Development

LVGEA offers one-stop access to the EmployNV Business Hub network, employer-focused centers concentrating on the employment and training needs for Southern Nevada industry. Each hub is staffed with workforce development personnel trained to offer employers access to talent recruitment, financial incentives, and training resources for startups and existing businesses. Learn more about the region’s workforce training options.

Public/Private Sector Connectivity

While Southern Nevada is known for having a melting pot community, boasting a population in excess of 2 million residents, the community remains tightly knit and accessible through a few degrees of separation. As the regional development authority for Southern Nevada since 1956, our team and membership provide new and expanding businesses with one to two degrees of separation within Nevada’s public and private sectors. Connect with LVGEA’s Business Development Team.

Foreign Trade Zone

LVGEA offers businesses the privilege of establishing, operating, and maintaining a foreign trade zone. This program authorizes businesses duty and tariff deferrals until imported goods exit the zone and are distributed domestically for consumption. Reexported goods receive additional benefits in the form of duty and tariff exemptions. Learn more about the benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone designation.

Tax Abatements

LVGEA offers advocacy and expertise with preparing applications for state-based incentives to assist regional, national, and global marketplace companies relocating into or expanding within Southern Nevada. State incentives include abatements toward reducing a business’s sales and use tax, modified business tax, and personal property tax for a predetermined period of time. Click here to learn more about the available tax abatements.

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