What is BizConnect?

One of the cornerstones of our local business retention and expansion efforts is the region’s One-on-One Business Visitation Program, where we meet with all types of companies in Southern Nevada. This program is designed to help reduce local business challenges and catalyze new opportunities. 

Through private, confidential meetings, the LVGEA and its partners are out in the community listening to the needs of businesses, solving problems, cutting red tape, and helping businesses grow their networks.

Example areas of assistance and connectivity:

As of July 1st, the U.S. officially started a new free trade agreement in North America, now called the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. This will create new opportunities for Nevada businesses importing and reexporting. As the designated Grantee for Southern Nevada’s Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ 89), LVGEA continues to promote this program to assist local businesses in reducing tariff & duty costs involved with international commerce.

• Sales and Use Tax Abatement

• Modified Business Tax Abatement

• Personal Property Tax Abatement

• New Market Tax Credits

• Opportunity Zones

• Silver State Works Hiring Reimbursement

• On the Job Training Hiring Reimbursement

• Real Property Tax Abatement for Recycling

• Data Center Abatement

• Aviation Parts Abatement

• Energy Franchise Fee Abatement

• Façade, Visual, and Tenant Improvement Abatements

Connect With Us

Our intent is to meet with you on a regular basis to ensure your overall satisfaction with doing business in Southern Nevada. During our short, friendly visits we’ll explore your:

• Current activities and growth projections

• Experience working with local and state public agencies

• Current supply chain and market opportunities

• Questions and/or challenges

• Products and services that would benefit other local businesses

Perry Ursem

Senior Vice President, Business Development