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Reliable Transportation

One of the Most Reliable Transportation Systems in the U.S.

US World News Report

Greater Vegas is #4 Least Congested

among metro areas with more than 2 million residents

Residents Enjoy Less Than 30 Minute Commutes

for 93% of jobs in Greater Vegas

Southern Nevada Growth Has Not Impacted Travel Times

While Las Vegas is the second-fastest growing metropolitan area, it is ranked among the top 20 metro areas with the best traffic conditions in the nation.

Congestion Rankings Don’t Adjust for 43 million Annual Visitors

Population data used to calculate most transportation statistics do not take into account that the region hosts nearly 43 million tourists per year, which contribute to the region’s mobility needs.



Nevada is a Leader in Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Communities

Community Leaders are Executing on Long-Range Transportation Investments

The community is moving forward on the blueprint to address traffic, mobility, and growth in Southern Nevada through 2050.