LVGEA Breaks Organization’s Record for Job Creation

Southern Nevada’s Regional Development Authority Brings 5,772 High Quality Jobs to Residents

LAS VEGAS— The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) has assisted in the creation of a total of 5,772 jobs in Greater Las Vegas just this year ­– breaking the organization’s yearly job creation record. These new jobs are the result of a shared effort with state, municipal, and utility partners across the region. Of the new jobs, 4,131 were created from companies who relocated to Southern Nevada and 1,641 from the expansion of existing local companies.

“Southern Nevada is a resilient economy and community,” said Jared Smith, COO of LVGEA. “Companies continue to choose our region for its pro-business environment and high quality of life. Here, companies have the opportunities and resources to thrive. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics just recently highlighted Nevada as the second-fastest job-producing economy in the US.  These companies are the proof.”

LVGEA recently assisted four companies that will relocate to or add operations in Southern Nevada. Eteros, TRAK Machine Tools, The Littlefield Company, Pacific Performance Engineering and Uncle’s Ice Cream together will add a total of 465 regional jobs in the next five years. Each company is a part of one of the region’s recently identified target industries, including technology, manufacturing, and creative services. Expanding these industries is critical for diversifying and strengthening the regional economy.

Eteros – 200 jobs, $22.00 average wage, technology

Eteros is an equipment manufacturer in the cannabis industry from British Columbia. LVGEA assisted the company with connections for recruiting and legal support for obtaining dual citizenship. The company is relocating to Clark County.

“Eteros Technologies is a Canadian company with a large customer base in the United States,” said Amanda James, Director of Strategy & Business Development at Eteros. “When Eteros first moved into the US market, we utilized third-party logistics and service providers in California to meet these needs but the goal was always to bring this in-house with Eteros staff at an Eteros facility. From the beginning, Las Vegas was the obvious choice: business-friendly and easy to get to from pretty much anywhere around the world, Las Vegas is a clear winner. We have staff located throughout Canada and the US that would need to be able to get to and from our US headquarters with ease, but we also wanted a location that would be easy for customers and potential customers to travel to. Encouraging out customer base to visit us in Las Vegas has been a pretty easy sell, even in the strange travel year that is 2021! Once we made the move, the LVGEA instantly engaged and became a huge help. Eteros could not be happier with our move to Las Vegas and with our ongoing relationship with the LVGEA.”

TRAK Machine Tools — 80 jobs, $27.00 average wage, manufacturing

TRAK Machine Tools designs, manufactures, and distributes industrial manufacturing equipment. The project came from an LVGEA lead generation mission. The company is establishing operations in the City of Henderson.

The Littlefield Company – 75 jobs, $27.00 average wage, creative services

The Littlefield Company is a media production company that creates photo, video, and social media content. LVGEA assisted the company in its expansion to Las Vegas by providing information around incentives, workforce, and the advantages of doing business in Southern Nevada.

“Las Vegas was an easy choice for us,” said Duncan Littlefield, Founder and CEO of The Littlefield Company. “Las Vegas is an extremely local community, and in that regard it is very similar to Charlotte, NC, where we were founded. We are a company that strongly believes in developing people to become the best versions of their DNA and the opportunity in Vegas offered us that. The video production and marketing landscape in Las Vegas is very agency heavy and most highly skilled video crew members come from outside of Las Vegas as Los Angeles is only 4 hours away. We plan is to elevate local creatives and company’s take to reach their goals. The LV Global Economic Alliance has been a team member for us as they have been supportive in identifying opportunities and key collaborators as we scale our partners, our people, and our business. The potential in Las Vegas is unfathomable and we are thrilled to be right downtown in the heart of it!”

Pacific Performance Engineering – 60 jobs, $25.00 average wage, manufacturing

Pacific Performance Engineering is a CA-based auto aftermarket manufacturer and distributor. LVGEA assisted with their relocation process by providing information around incentives, workforce, and the advantages of doing business in Southern Nevada. The company has purchased a building in the City of North Las Vegas

“We are proud to announce that due to our remarkable growth, Pacific Performance Engineering, Inc. has moved to a great new location in North Las Vegas Nevada just off I-15, which we believe will allow our company and valued employees to continue to grow in a business-friendly environment while allowing our employees to have a significantly improved lifestyle,” said Joe Komaromi, Founder of Pacific Performance Engineering.

Uncle’s Ice Cream – 50 jobs, $23.00 average wage, manufacturing

Uncle’s Ice Cream is a frozen food manufacturer. LVGEA assisted with the company’s relocation by providing information around workforce and the advantages of doing business in Southern Nevada. LVGEA also provided Uncle’s Ice Cream with 13 different contacts in the public and private sectors as this company is based out of Oahu. The company has signed a lease in Clark County.

“North Las Vegas is an ideal location for our first mainland facility,” said Barbara Logan, Co-founder of Uncle’s Ice Cream. “Not only is it a great distribution hub for the region, but the warm welcome, assistance and introductions we’ve gotten from the LVGEA and other business support agencies has been invaluable. We’re really looking forward to being a part of this business-friendly community.”

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