LVGEA’s Statement on the Death of George Floyd

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The Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance rejects racism in all its forms. Prejudice, discrimination, violence, and bigotry have no place in our vibrant and diverse community.  We are deeply saddened and profoundly disturbed by the tragic and senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many others who have lost their lives as a result of systemic racism that treats people differently based on race.

The members of the Board of the LVGEA represent a broad cross-section of ethnicities, genders, sexual-orientations, and religious affiliations.  We cannot stand by quietly and watch these tragic events unfold across our country.  We affirm the rights of all people to protest peacefully and stand in solidarity with all those who seek positive change through non-violent means.

LVGEA also recognizes the importance of law enforcement and the criminal justice system, and we hope they will join in efforts to forge meaningful and lasting reform.  Further, LVGEA calls upon all leaders to work to dismantle systemic and institutionalized racism that has existed for generations.

In 2020, we have seen a public health crisis in Nevada and across the United States, with wide-ranging and devastating impacts on our community and its economy. Simultaneously battling a global pandemic and social injustice is difficult, but critical.  Our ability to affect change through economic opportunity and transformation is powerful.  LVGEA strives to help all residents thrive by fostering a more prosperous, diverse, and connected regional economy.  What we need now is understanding, cooperation, and reform to propel all in our community toward social justice, equal opportunity, and prosperity.

We stand ready to work with other community leaders to address these challenges.  Our strength as a region comes from our diversity, and the way forward is together. In unity, we can and will emerge with strength, dignity and compassion for ALL.


Derrick Hill                                                                           Jonas Peterson
Chairman, Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance             CEO, Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance

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