Three New Companies Will Expand in SNV with Help from LVGEA

Ai-RGUS, GuineaDad and Rego Automotive Moving to Region

LAS VEGAS— Three companies will relocate to or add operations in Southern Nevada with the assistance of Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA): Ai-RGUS, GuineaDad and REGO Automotive. The moves stem directly from lead-generation efforts. LVGEA partnered with local organizations to attract the companies. The companies will add a total of 81 jobs in the next five years.

“We’re excited to see these companies adding jobs and investment in Southern Nevada,” said Jonas Peterson, president and CEO of LVGEA. “This has been a challenging year so far, but I’m confident our region will bounce back and continue to be a location of choice for innovative companies looking for a business-friendly environment.”

During the lead-generation process, LVGEA works closely with partners to help the businesses decide on their move to Southern Nevada and to facilitate the process.


Ai-RGUS — 50 jobs, $20.00 average wage

Ai-RGUS is an artificial intelligence technology company that will be expanding its operations to Las Vegas in 2020 and have their new offices located in the International Innovation Center. Their operation will create at least 50 jobs at an average wage of $20.00 per hour. Ai-RGUS develops Artificial Intelligence software that is the first of its kind, using deep learning and computer vision algorithms. The software automatically verifies the correctness and clarity of the view of each security camera in the camera system and sends out an alert otherwise.

“This software is developed for industries with security camera regulations such as Gaming, Critical Infrastructure, Dispensaries, governments, and universities, among others, where they are required to have provably operational security camera systems and solid business continuity plans,” said COO Itsik Reichman. “Las Vegas is therefore on a short-list for Ai-RGUS expansion because of its unparalleled tax structure and for proximity to new clients. Ai-RGUS is excited about building an Artificial Intelligence technology company in Las Vegas.”

“Las Vegas continues to be a top destination for business and industry,” Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman said. “We are welcoming visitors back to our city, and I am excited to also welcome these new businesses that are providing new job opportunities.”


REGO Automotive – 25 jobs, $18.00 average wage 

REGO Automotive Inc is a high-end vehicle part manufacturing company looking to move their headquarters and assembly line to Clark County. Their Clark County operation will create at least 25 jobs at an average wage of $18.00 per hour and a total capital investment of at least $123,500.

“We are excited to relocate to Clark County,” said Co-founder and President Eli Yarkoni. “We believe this is an environment in which we will thrive. Working alongside the LVGEA team allowed us to facilitate this move. We look forward to setting up shop in Southern Nevada.”

“Clark County offers a favorable business environment for companies from all over the country, as REGO Automotive shows,” said Clark County Commission Chairman Marilyn Kirkpatrick. “We are excited to welcome REGO Automotive as yet another company that has chosen to invest in our community and create jobs in our region.”


GuineaDad – 6 jobs, $20 average wage

In 2017, GuineaDad was originally founded in Los Angeles, and is relocating its headquarters to North Las Vegas. Ever since developing its first product GuineaDad Liner, GuineaDad has continued to grow its influence and reach to educate guinea pig parents and provide quality guinea pig products. When it was time to move out of LA, the company set its foot in Las Vegas where the company will be able to grow steadily.

“We are excited to relocate to North Las Vegas, which we believe has great amenities that can allow us to prosper,” said Si Hyung Lee, Founder and CEO, GuineaDad. “Southern Nevada will allow us to keep growing in a steady, reliable business environment. We are glad LVGEA could link us to our new area and look forward to relocating to the community.”

“GuineaDad is one of the many innovative companies that are relocating from Southern California to North Las Vegas as a result of our business-friendly environment, capable workforce and fast customer service,” North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee said. “We are thrilled to welcome this wonderful company to our community to bring new jobs and industry sectors to Southern Nevada.”

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