Nearly 400 new jobs coming to Las Vegas area

With the assistance of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA), four companies will expand or relocate to the Las Vegas area, projecting the creation of 390 total jobs over the next five years. P3 Health Partners, Progress Rail, Originate and Precision Tube Laser were approved for incentives today by the Board of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED).

Since Jan., the LVGEA has assisted with the expansion and relocation of 30 companies, which are expected to create more than 5,400 jobs throughout Southern Nevada.

P3 Health Partners – Projected job creation (5 years) = 220

After selling HealthCare Partners of Nevada in 2012, the team now at P3 Health Partners is looking to expand and open its 36,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Las Vegas for its national Management Services Organization.

The company projects the creation of 220 jobs over the next five years, with an average wage of $36.94 in the region. After examining multiple locations throughout the western states, P3 Health Partners chose to locate its headquarters in Nevada because of its pro-business climate and overall incentive package. Assisted by the LVGEA in the incentive application, it specifically chose Las Vegas because of workforce availability and development space.

P3 Health Services aims to lead the value-based information of American medicine by establishing strategic partnerships that focus on enhanced health outcomes, more productive responsive systems, lower overall costs, better patient experiences, and greater professional satisfaction of caregivers. Learn more at

Progress Rail Services– Projected job creation (5 years) = 110

A wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar, Progress Rail Services is the world’s largest builder of diesel-electric locomotives for all commercial railroad applications. It is a supplier of railroad and transit system products and services.

With plans to expand to a 130,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Henderson, Progress Rail Services plans to create 110 jobs for the region over the next five years. While some employees will relocate from other facilities, it is anticipated that majority of Henderson facility staff will be local hires.

The LVGEA assisted Progress Rail Services in acquiring real estate and connecting with local resources. The company chose to expand to the region and specifically Henderson because of the economic climate, proximity to customers, utility rates, labor and property costs and highway accessibility, in addition to incentives offered by the state.

The company is expected to be operational this fall. To learn more, visit

Originate – Projected job creation (5 years) = 40

Specializing product design, software development and technology operations for start-ups, entrepreneurs and engineers, Originate is looking to expand operations in Las Vegas to create new opportunities in technology and software development for local college and high school graduates.

Projecting the creation of 40 jobs in with an average wage of $41.97 in the region, Originate’s strategic planning focused on creating a greater presence in Nevada, choosing to expand in the state because of its pro-business climate that helps provide it with a sustainable location for ongoing strategic growth.

Assisted by the LVGEA in the application for incentives, cost savings will allow the company to hire more full-time employees and provide them with more long-term work and career opportunities. The LVGEA works closely with Originate on many of their projects.

Founded in 2007 and with over 170 employees in offices across California, New York and Nevada, Originate builds modern mobile, cloud-native, AI and data-driven software in various scalable technology platforms. Learn more at

Precision Tube Laser, LLC – Projected job creation (5 years) = 20

Utilizing new state-of-the-art laser tube cutting equipment, Precision Tube Laser seeks to provide laser tube cutting services for the metal and fabrication and construction industry within Nevada and its neighboring states. Assisted by the LVGEA in the application for incentives, it plans to create 20 new jobs in the region—such as sales staff and programmers—with an average wage of $27.93.

Precision Tube Laser’s service has the potential to benefit construction and fabrication shops by enhancing and improving their finished products and shortening lead times. The company is making arrangements to work with several out-of-state shops and plans to bring outside sales to Nevada, while also in-sourcing the work previously being done in other states.

Packets for companies who went before the GOED Board can be found on the GOED website here.

About Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance

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