RaceRoom Zooms into Southern Nevada

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RaceRoom Racing Experience is the largest community of simulator racers in the world. It makes racing affordable to a wide group of people and it is incredibly realistic. They try to integrate real-world racing elements like the thrill of the crowds into the game.

LVGEA spoke with RRE Global owner Andreas Brucker, who has conducted business all over the world but has found a home in Southern Nevada.


Doing Business Here

Brucker considers Las Vegas is the perfection destination – it is close to RaceRoom’s target audience while also being the ideal spot for businesses looking to host RaceRoom sims. The resorts are exploring esports. He also finds the proximity to University of Las Vegas – Nevada fitting, as he can recruit talent at the source. And, of course, it is the number one entertainment destination in the world: people are traveling to Vegas to enjoy themselves. “It’s another good reason to move where the hostpot is,” Brucker said.

Not only that, but Brucker has had the best experience working closely with the region. “I could call and reach anyone” for support, he noted. “It was the easiest process to open the company I’ve ever experienced—and we’ve done that in Europe, the Middle East, and now for a second time in the States. It’s impressive how organized Vegas and Henderson are in bringing companies to the city.”


Living Here

It is a perfect place to live, Brucker says as well. “You can go skiing one weekend and the next you can go to the beach,” he pointed out. “It’s in my opinion really conveniently located.” With a wide swath of entertainment options, sports events, and concerts throughout the year, many people will want to visit on business and fun.

“It’s not difficult to invite friends and business,” Brucker said. “If you tell them to come out to the middle of nowhere, they say, ‘Maybe you visit us at our office.’ If you say, ‘Come to Vegas,’ they will come on Friday and leave on Sunday!”

He concluded, “Las Vegas is giving us a very good place for the future.” Here, you can live, work, and do anything.


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