Reality Check: What Really Happens in Vegas

We know it’s on everyone’s minds

Vegas gets a biased rap. Over the years, some myths have been perpetuated: it’s too hot. Everyone lives in a hotel. There’s nothing to do off the Strip.

Let this post serve as your personal Vegas Myth Buster.


How Hot Is It Really?

For ten months out of the year, it’s incredibly temperate, averaging a comfortable 78 degrees. Two months out of the year, Las Vegas tops 100 degrees on average: only in July and August. For anyone craving the snow and ski slopes, Mt. Charleston is less than an hour away. Translation: you can enjoy the seasons without a driveway that needs shoveling.


Where Does Everyone Live?

There are dozens of neighborhoods in a 30-mile radius. Some favorites include Summerlin, Henderson, Anthem, Aliante and Chinatown. In each of these towns, there are too many schools, retail stores, healthcare facilities, parks, and recreational activities to count.


What Can You Do Off The Strip?

The bigger question is, what can’t you do? And the easiest way to answer that question is to direct you to our other posts on the great outdoors, lit foodie scene, and myriad entertainment offerings.


Don’t believe everything you hear (unless you heard it from a local who actually lives here).

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