This global company puts the tech in Nevada

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Vadatech is a leader in design and manufacturing. Their equipment is used across radar processing systems, defense aerospace spheres, 5G network development applications, robotic surgeries in the medical field, and much more.

Vadatech was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Henderson, where it has a total of 92,500 square feet in manufacturing and engineering facilities. The company is a shining example of the diversity of industry in Southern Nevada. In fact, the company was so committed to technology in the region that it takes its own name from Nevada.


The best business environment

“I love Nevada. I think it provides the best of several different worlds,” said Michael Borthwick, director of advanced development at Vadatech. “Nevada provides the best of several worlds; it’s not subject to corporate taxes like neighboring states.” This scratches the surface of what makes the region favorable to businesses from all over the world.

Borthwick noted that Vadatech has gone through incredible growth and success since launching in Nevada. “A lot of that has to do with the friendly policies that the state has, the support that the state has given us, not only in terms of corporate tax structure or business-friendly policies but the support in terms of tax abatements,” he continued. Vadatech was able to utilize the savings through programs like state incentives, which LVGEA helps facilities for companies, and support and reinvest into the company and community.


A place everyone can enjoy

Southern Nevada is known the world over for its unparalleled entertainment. But many are still surprised to hear about its other positive attributes. Within a few hours, residents can reach the California coast, the Grand Canyon, and mountaintop skiing in Utah. There’s also a suburban lifestyle afforded to residents of Southern Nevada, with affordable housing and nearby city amenities.

In this supportive environment, Borthwick celebrate the bright future ahead of Vadatech, celebrating its near-perfect retention rate and the growth ahead in the next couple of years. LVGEA firmly believes in Vegas, here you can grow.

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