Las Vegas Grand Prix Races Towards Sustainability


On this year’s Perspective stage, I was tasked with sharing about Las Vegas Grand Prix’s sustainability story. How does a premiere global sporting event create a lasting positive impact over time?

Formula 1® is often referred to as the world’s fastest, and fastest-growing, research and development lab by fans and enthusiasts. Globally, F1® has set standards for environmental stewardship that include Net Zero Carbon by 2030 and investments in sustainable hybrid fuels. These efforts are supported by race promoters, fans, and sponsors all over the world.

At Las Vegas Grand Prix™, our aim is to strike a balance between these bigger picture environmental commitments and Vegas-specific opportunities for sustainable innovation for a lasting impact. We feel a real responsibility to ensure we can “last” in our new desert home.

Here are some of the ways we plan to deliver against our ambition:

Las Vegas Grand Prix Paddock Building

As the operational heartbeat of our event, the Las Vegas Grand Prix Paddock Building will welcome Formula 1® constructors, drivers, media, spectators and sponsors for the first time this November. Highlights on the sustainable design and construction of the Paddock Building include mechanical cooling systems that replace the need for cooling towers, energy submetering, air quality monitors and rooftop LED lighting. We hope to achieve a LEED certification in early 2024 to fall in line with other world-class commercial facilities here in Las Vegas.

The Event

When it comes to the event itself, especially considering the fan experience, there are a few key areas where we will lighten our environmental impact. We plan to use a combination of biodegradable, reusable and recyclable consumables for cups, plates, and straws, hybrid generators and energy systems, zero single-use plastic in the Paddock Zone, offer plant-based food options across viewing areas, and minimize waste via recycling and re-use. In year one, we will learn quite a bit about what works best and where to improve.


We look forward to a future where we can operate our event with a net zero consumptive water footprint. To get there, we hope to align with a cross-sector group of organizations and leaders on water-saving solutions that can make our vision a reality and set a new standard for how new businesses shape their water conservation strategies to suit the changing Southern Nevada landscape.

We understand that the FORMULA 1 HEINEKEN SILVER GRAND PRIX is more than an event, it is a platform for sustainable innovation that we will continue to grow over the next decade and beyond.


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