Two More Aviation Companies Expand Thanks to New Law

Aviation companies in Southern Nevada continue to expand thanks to a new state law encouraging development of Nevada’s aviation industry.

Maverick Aviation Group and Steelman Aviation, Inc. have planned expansions in Clark County, Nevada. Their growth follows five aviation companies that have also availed themselves of Nevada’s new aviation tax abatement program.

“Aviation companies are finding that Nevada is now very competitive within the regional aviation marketplace, and we are seeing companies expand because of that competitive advantage,” said Morgan Bunker, Vice President of Community and Economic Development for the LVGEA, which assisted the companies in accessing the aviation program.

Maverick Aviation Group, a tourism company that offers helicopter tours, plans to hire 16 new employees during the coming year. Over the lifetime of the 20-year abatement agreement, the company plans capital investments of about $199 million.

Steelman Aviation, Inc., an on-demand air carrier, plans to hire four new employees during the next year and invest about $19 million in the next 20 years.

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