Ways to Stay Cool in Las Vegas

Locals know how to enjoy hot Las Vegas weather—yes we said enjoy! After all, would you rather be shoveling snow, trudging through the rain or sipping something delicious poolside? With 300+ days of sunshine a year, Las Vegans have perfected the art of cooling off. Here are some of our favorite tips:

Can’t Stand the Heat? Get Into the Pool

With almost countless pools in the city at different hotels and resorts, there’s an oasis for every taste. Whether you’re looking for a major poolside party, filled with DJs and crowds tied as tight as a teeny bikini or a blissed-out, Zen-relaxed serenity scene, there’s a pool for you. So make it a staycation and enjoy what these world-class resorts have to offer.

Own Your Pool and Swim in it Too

In other cities, living in a home with its own pool is an unthinkable and expensive luxury—but not in Las Vegas. In this city, a cool dip of water practically comes standard with many houses and apartment or condo complexes. So, you won’t have to pack up the car and search for parking before you find a spot at a crowded beach. Instead, you can lounge and soak steps away from where you live.

Slides for Days

In addition to the personal pools and the resort pools and the public pools in Las Vegas, epic family-friendly water parks also offer an opportunity to chill and get a thrill. Cowabunga Bay operates two water parks with some of the biggest and most extreme water slides in Nevada. One park is located in the southwest side of town, with the other in Henderson, so there is a convenient location for everyone!

Brrr, It’s (blissfully) Cold in There

If you really need to escape the hot Las Vegas weather, then head to one of the city’s many indoor attractions. There’s not a place without air-conditioning, so you’re sure to stay cool. From shopping to movies to dining to museums to roller coasters to an aquarium, it’s all there and refreshingly temperate.’

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